Social Media in a Snap, Snap Shot Photo that is!


Adding a Social Media presence to your business has never been easier.  If you go online you will find hundreds of suggestions.


Here are the steps we followed to add Social Media to 3D Pro Plus.

1. We created a Facebook Business Page (click the link to watch the video from Facebook to show you the steps.) If you are going to do Social Media,         Facebook is a must.  We also like to have the ability to email customers their photos.










2. We use Photoshop to build a digital graphic template with a foreground and a background theme that will go with the event or attractions.  This example is what we used at the Transworld event.  We could have just as easily uploaded a plain photo, but that would not have been very exciting or had our brand and message on the photo. 3D Pro Software comes preloaded with several graphic templates included free to use or change as you need.


To add a Background and Overlay to the 3D Pro Plus software.  Go to Tools > Manage > Backgrounds or Overlays.



3. Create a folder on the desktop of the 3D Pro Plus PC.  You can use any name.  Then follow the video on Automatic Photo Processing.











4.  Each Location, Event or Attraction has different needs, there is not a one size fits all solution.  Contact us at or 702-897-6185 and we will help develop a Social Media plan that fits your needs.




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